Tuesday, March 13, 2018

LendEDU scholarship resource

In an effort to help students afford their higher education, the team at LendEDU recently updated their  guide to college scholarships to help students find relevant opportunities specifically for them.

Within this update, they have added a  new search tool where students can filter scholarship opportunities based on their grade level, GPA, the scholarship amount, and the requirements of the scholarship.

On top of this new tool, the resource teaches students and families the importance of searching for scholarships when figuring out how to pay for college. Here is the URL:

Note: You can click the link at the top of the page to jump down to the scholarship search tool.

Here are some other points that are covered  in the guide:
- Different Types of Scholarships Available
- Applying for Scholarships
- Essay Tips
- Letters of Recommendation Tips
- Spotting Scholarship Scams

They have also included YouTube videos from our channel to help make the information a little more digestible and entertaining.