Thursday, March 15, 2018

ImagineLab: A Summer of Teen Innovation & Celebration!

A summer camp opportunity at UNC-Chapel Hill...

ImagineLab: A Summer of Teen Innovation & Celebration!
Imagine a place where teens come in with dreams and come out empowered by new possibilities. This summer, students will have the chance to build skills, connections, and confidence in their own abilities to become designers, makers and innovators, and make lasting friendships along the way.

At two new camps offered by UNC’s School of Education and the MEITEprogram, middle and high school students explore the possibilities with art and design, gaming, engineering and computer science in an innovative and empowering way. Explore and engage in our newly redesigned facility at the Carolina Center for Excellence in Education.

Students will have the chance to learn code, compose original songs, program robots, build their own games, create virtual worlds in Minecraft, design and build their own costumes and props, write their own digital books, build their own apps, produce their own videos, print in 3D, explore our immersive virtual reality learning lab, and pitch their creations in an innovation showcase.