Tuesday, November 19, 2019

VAHS Student on Durham Tech. CC Team that Wins Math Competitions

Durham Tech won the NCMATYC Math competition this year for the second time in three years and, in doing so, became the first three-time winner of the ten-year-old competition!
Congratulations to Durham Tech NCMATYC team members Josh Christie, Claire Cronin, Sam Dod, Zach Gordon, Tyler Hampton, Rimeh Ksiksi, Chase Raupp, Jasper Sylvestre, Maria Tyurina, Milo Vaisey, and Jennifer Wright.
Special recognition goes out to Zach Gordon, Chase Raupp, Maria Tyurina, and Jennifer Wright, whose team finished 2nd out of 31 teams in the collaborative portion of the competition, and to Jasper Sylvestre, who finished first out of 117 students in the individual competition.