Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Florida State First Year Abroad Program

The First Year Abroad (FYA) program allows students to complete the first twelve months of their Florida State careers while studying abroad with International Programs. Students choose to spend their first year at any of our four year-round study centers: London, England; Florence, Italy; Panama City, Republic of Panama; Valencia, Spain. Participants may opt to change their location for the summer term and spend it at another study center, though visa restrictions apply for some locations.

Read below from a former VAHS grad has to say about this program:

This program is such a great opportunity for all students. Not only do you get to live in a foreign country for a year and travel, but the friendships you make will last a life time. I loved being able to be fully immersed in a culture and participate in their festivals and traditions. And you get in-state tuition at the end of the year making Florida State an affordable option!