Friday, April 5, 2019

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Last fall the College Board announced a  $25 million commitment to creating a clearer path to college for all students with the College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Starting with the class of 2020, 4,000 students over the next five years can earn scholarships ranging from $500–$40,000 through monthly drawings as they start their college journey.

This new scholarship program requires no application, essay, GPA, or test scores. Students earn their chance at scholarships by completing the essential steps all students take in applying to college. Since the launch of the program, nearly 200 students have been awarded a $500 Build Your College List Scholarship and 300 students have been awarded a $1,000 Practice for the SAT® Scholarship.

Students in the class of 2020 can opt in and get started now.
Action windows open:

Build Your College List: $500

Practice for the SAT: $1,000

Improve Your Score: $2,000