Tuesday, April 2, 2019

4 Mental Push-Ups to Boost Your Brain’s Performance

Unless we control thought, it will control us.
Dr. Ernest Holmes
Brain resilience is your brain’s ability to bounce back from a crisis, hardship, or just plain day-to-day stress.  Even what may seem like minor thoughts of social rejection and loneliness zoom along the same neural pathways as fear and break down our energy.

There are many ways to increase your bounce-back rate of return and keep your brain healthy and strong.  Just like a rubber band, our brain can stretch and fire in response to stress and then spring back to calmness with quick elasticity with a little mental workout.  When you learn how to keep your brain in check, well-being can be your constant companion, and you can begin to boost your brain’s performance.

In neuroscience language, we need a way to contact our prefrontal cortex, our thinking brain, and have it tell the emotional amygdala to quiet down.  No Worry! I will take care of this! Your thinking brain will be the master of your feeling brain—if we keep it in good shape and work it out regularly.

Here is a mental fitness workout critical to resilience so you can learn to exercise your brain and return it to its natural baseline of calmness and positivity.

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