Thursday, March 14, 2019

C3 Applications For Seniors are Open

The Community College Collaboration (C3) is a dual-admission, dual-enrollment program between NC State and eight community college partners.

As a land-grant institution, NC State has always believed that all North Carolinians should have access to the opportunities and benefits of higher education and not everyone’s college career starts at NC State. Nearly 1,700 students transfer to NC State each year to complete their bachelor’s degree and NC State is committed to providing affordable pathways while providing access to quality education that produces career-ready graduates.
C3 is intended for community college students from low-to-moderate income backgrounds with demonstrated potential for academic success who aspire to transfer to NC State after completing their associate degree.
C3 provides academic and program support for students during their time in community college and prepares them for a successful transition to NC State and timely completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Applications Are available now.