Monday, March 2, 2020

Apply For Project SEED Summer Program

How to Apply

Interested in participating as a Project SEED student in 2020?  Fill out this quick form so that we can notify you when the applications open.
Do you like science? Are you interested in learning what scientists really do in their laboratories? Find out how you can get exposure to chemistry, prepare for college, and learn about science career paths.
To be considered for the ACS Project SEED Summer Program, candidates must:
  • Meet the Eligibility Requirements shown below.
  • Be located near an active SEED site.  You can find these on our Location page. Note that you will be responsible for getting to and from the lab site each day.
  • Complete the online application (open March 1st to April 31st).  If you are interested in applying, use the link above to complete an interest form.
  • Contact the ACS Project SEED office if you have any additional questions.
More details on how to apply will be coming soon.  Visit the site periodically or sign up for updates using the link above so that you don't miss the application window.