Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Extra Help: College Admissions

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Compile a College List

It can be tricky to figure out which of the many colleges out there will be a good fit for your child. There are so many factors to consider, including cost, academics and campus culture, to name just a few examples.

In this newsletter, we’ve gathered advice for parents and teens on how to create a list of colleges to apply to. One way for high schoolers to get started is to take our in-depth college personality quiz, which will offer insights into what type of school might be right for them.

Happy Tuesday!

The U.S. News Education newsletter team: Briana (@B_Boyington).

P.S. If your teen still needs help researching schools, check out the 2019 Best Colleges rankings on Monday, Sept. 10. We're sending out our next newsletter on the 10th to give you insight into the rankings and tips for helping your teens manage application tasks this fall.


Find the Best College for Your Major

Students can reach out to professionals in their desired field for insights on the types of resources and options to look for during their college search, such as research opportunities or study abroad trips within their major. Click here for more tips.

Apply to the Right Number of Colleges

There's no one right number to aim for, but there is a recommended range, experts say. Learn more here.

Also, discover tips on how to select safety schools and reach schools to add to a college list.