Monday, November 13, 2017

Duke Splash Nov. 18,2017

Duke Splash is a 1-day event where middle and high schoolers from all over North Carolina are invited to Duke's campus to take classes taught by Duke students. Duke students create 50-min courses ranging from Pokemon 101 to Intro to Linear Algebra and more! With over 100 classes to choose from, middle and high school students can create their own 4- class schedule to explore new interests. Lunch is provided and T-shirts can be purchased day.

The event is a one day event on November 18th where students can go to Duke University and attend classes taught by Duke students! There are over 100 classes to choose from and they also provide lunch as well! Students can register online until November 15th . There is a $5 admission fee, but students can apply for financial aid if they need it. Some of the classes that are offered this semester are "Let's play Yutnori!" (A really fun Korean board game), "Bollywood Dance", "History and Anthropology of Alcohol", and "Ethical Eating". 

See Ms. O';Kane for more information.