Tuesday, January 24, 2017

National Guard Scholarship Opportunity

The National Guard is advertising an exciting scholarship opportunity!

100% College Tuition Paid + $1,200 annual book allowance + $600 monthly pay


$10,000 for Room & Board + $1,200 annual book allowance + $4,000 annual
tuition + $600 monthly pay

1) US Citizen
2) Physical for Military Service
3) Eligible for Secret Clearance (most HS students qualify = no criminal
4) Pass Army Physical Fitness Test (push up, sit up, and 2 mile run)
5) Acceptance to ROTC participating university
6) Academic Major
7) SAT 750+ or ACT 16+ score
8) GT Score 110 on ASVAB test

This is a great program that we awarded to 16 high school seniors last year!
No Basic Training Required!  Go straight to College.
Commitment is to served 4 years part time, one weekend per month in the NC
Army National Guard during and after college.

Find out more below:
Minute Man Scholarship