Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pre-ACT Score Reports Available

All 10th grade students took the Pre-ACT on October 25 at VAHS.

The Pre-ACT Student Report shows relative strengths and weaknesses in four subject areas important for success in college. It also provides a predicted ACT composite score. Score reports are now available. Ms. O'Kane will begin returning and reviewing score reports with students during the week of December 5-9.  A booklet that explains how to interpret results will  also be provided. Students will be instructed to provide the reports and booklets to parents. Parents: Please review these reports with your students. For more information contact Ms. O'Kane or visit the ACT website listed below.  

Only students who completed the online ACT Profile prior to the test administration will have results for the Career Map and Interest-Career Fit on page 2 of their score reports.

It is highly recommended for  ALL students to create an account with the ACT in order to have access to important ACT information.