Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Voyager Academy High School
Standardized Testing
Testing Calendar 2016-17

TE21 Benchmarks
CCRA for 11th grade (practice ACT)
September 21
High School Midterms           
October 3-7
PSAT (optional 11th  grade)
October 19
Pre-ACT (required 10th grade)
October 25
High School EOC TE21 Benchmarks
Nov. 28 – Dec. 2
High School Final Exams/EOC/NCFE/CTE
December 12-16
ACT WorkKeys
February 15
ACT (req. 11th grade)
February 28
March 1-3
TE21 Benchmark
April 24-28
High School AP Exams
May 1-12
High School Final Exams/EOC/NCFE/CTE
May 18-24
*Some dates are subject to change
*All State and TE21 assessments in grades 6-12 will be administered on-line

ACCESS for ELLs—Assessment for English Language Learners
AP—Advanced Placement courses
TE21—Diagnostic benchmark assessments used to inform instruction.
CCRA—College and Career Readiness Assessment (measures career and college readiness)       
PSAT—Preliminary SAT
Pre-ACT—(formerly PLAN) Preliminary ACT test.
EOC—End of Course test (Math 1, English 1, Biology)